New Seemba integrated mobile games are online

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This fresh collection of games is now online for your own pleasure! They are available right now on Google Play store.

We’ve teamed up with Bada Games to make your summer more exciting and full of prizes through the Seemba duels & Tournaments system.

Check out our games now, don’t hesitate to try all of them and enjoy a free 20 coins giveaway to start your mobile Esport career


A challenging gameplay experience that requires skill yet fun to master.

With “JumpJumpBlob” you have to make sure that Blob jumps over the platforms without falling into the water. Each successful jump grants you points.

Score as high as you can to beat the best players and turn your score into gifts


Unleash the timber guy within you , release the full power of these bestial muscles of yours and chop through the forest trees. 

The one that cuts the biggest numbers of chunks , is the TIMBER GUY.

This is the best game to test your reflexes ! 

Join us and be the fastest lumberjack! Turn your score into gifts!


Challenge other burger lovers in a fun yet snake like competitive environment.

BurgerTHON is an endless runner game where a burger eats other burgers to grow. It’s an all you can eat Burger fest to win this maraTHON !

Try It Now and Turn your score into gifts.

Don’t let it fall

Heaven for the click click maniacs !!! 

Don’t let the ball fall and score the maximum of rebounces beating everyone else in this game of reflexes.

The ball bounces on the boundaries and eventually comes back down, just like wall tennis, so don’t let it pass through, click at the right moment to bounce it back ! 

Will you be the king of balls?


You have to Collect the balls and smash the squares ! BREAK IT ALL

Smash as many squares as possible before they smash you! Collect more balls every time you launch a shot!

After every shot, a new block is created for you to smash, the new blocks are harder to destroy.

Seems Easy, right? Well it’s not ! but are you up to the challenge?


“BallKick”’s gameplay is easy to play but hard to master, every shot matters.

Aim for the nets and kick the balls to score and beat your friends !

Shoot as many balls as you can in the nets, you shouldn’t miss any shot to get the higher score and beat other players !

With Seemba’s duels & tournaments system you can turn your scores into interesting gifts.

Make profits from your skills and beat the challengers