Genesis of Seemba πŸš€πŸ”₯

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Seemba is a startup that was founded in 2018 by a team of avid video game players. This startup specializes in the esports industry, offering game developers a SaaS service. This Plug and Play solution turns any mobile game into an esports platform allowing game developers to monetize their games through an innovative Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables them to add an esport feature, generate a new revenue stream, increase customer attraction, loyalty as well as retention.

The idea behind Seemba began back in 2017 when the co-founders, originally friends and coworkers, had the habit of challenging each other in gaming tournaments during hangouts. Driven by our love of gaming and sense of competitiveness, these tournaments became a ritual that took place regularly until we came across a problem. The Issue was that these tournaments could only take place if the opponents were all physically at the same place. From here came the idea of Seemba which gave us the chance to play and challenge each other regardless of our location.

The solution consisted in creating a personal account in these games that is directly linked to your bank account making it easier for the player to pay his entry fee and be eligible to take part in live duels with his friends from the comfort of his own place. The money made through these challenges could be transformed to cash or used to redeem valuable gifts from the Seemba Store (Game credit cards, Gift Cards,…).

With time , this business idea started to sound more and more tempting but as a small side hustle it was nearly impossible to start our projectl with the features of popular PC and console games. Therefore we thought it was more fitting if we stick to hyper casual games which are easier to approach.

Step by step, we began to have more ideas and visions that we wanted to implement so it was only fair that our small business project turns into a full time thing. Our goal was to dive into the eSports market through developing a solution that enables game developers as well as players to monetize their games and make money.

This approach aims to discard the typical and traditional ways of monetization such as ads and in-app purchases that makes players lose interest in the game. Instead of paying money that will be spent on these purchases, the player can now invest money to make more income as opposed to the standard “pay to win” condition that current games impose.

Our project started to grow bit by bit and so did our ambition and vision of Seemba. Not long after, we took the initiative to contact a couple game studios to make our offer. Our proposition was met with impressment and a bit of skepticism because our idea required a lot of time and expenses to be developed. For a game studio, it was an investment to be made with caution. What we envisioned for Seemba was a dream that we were not willing to give up on so we took it upon ourselves to make it true. With hard consistent work, we managed to find a solution that will make our offer both commercially and financially appealing to investors and game studio owners. We worked on developing Seemba into a SaaS and SDK solution that will save game developers months and months of development. In 10 minutes or less, game developers can easily and effortlessly convert their games into esports ready games.

Our plug-and-play solution that turns any solo offline game into an esports multiplayer and online platform making the gaming experience more inclusive, engaging, challenging and addictive. It also helps game developers monetize their games through a revenue share business model on transactions and entry fees. The perks of this new approach are numerous, among which we can mention improving the users engagement and retention, prolonging the games’ life span and the creation of new revenue streams.

Curious to know more about us? We will be more than pleased to have a chat on [email protected] πŸ‘‹