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Apart from the Seemba SDK that you get, you gain access to a developer dashboard that enables to monitor everything, from gains to users and benefit from all the awesome features stacked in Seemba. All of it for FREE.

The same way a game developer gains money, you get a 10% commission on all the transactions made by the users and tournament's entry fees, we get 10%, and all the rest goes into prizes for the players.

Since you report us a support question we try to make our best to find out what is going on, depending on the case it could take more or les time, however a standard time could be minutes or hours.

We have integrations with HiPay, Stripe, Orange's Billing Platform, currently working on adding PaymentWall and Bizao, so any of them works fine with us. Like with Google, once you reach the needed amount, you can schedule your withdrawal on the 21st of each month.

Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value to both we can include it as a part of the package or you can request a custom build.

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Seemba is free to use, no strings attached 😀 But feel free to drop us a line to tell us more about your game and get to know how it works

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Any question about how to integrate your product?. Don't fret, our geek team is ready for you.

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